Heart-Check Certified Recipes

Updated:Jul 9,2018

Asian woman cooking using tabletThe American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark is an easy way to cut through the clutter and find foods that can be part of a healthy dietary pattern. The iconic Heart-Check mark has been on food packages and in the grocery store since 1995. Today one out of three shoppers say they use the Heart-Check mark to find healthier options in the grocery store.

Now, the Heart-Check mark is also helping health-conscious Americans find heart-healthy recipes they can make at home. Certified recipes have been evaluated by one of the most trusted health organizations to meet specific nutritional requirements.

See the full recipe nutrition requirements.

For more details or to get started certifying a recipe, please contact us.

The American Heart Association Heart-Check Recipe Certification Program employs an annual per-recipe fee-based assessment to cover program operating expenses. No donations are used to support the program.

The American Heart Association Heart-Check Food Certification Program is designed to help consumers make informed choices about the foods they purchase. The nutrition requirements are food-based and intended for healthy people over age two. The Heart-Check program is not a dietary solution for any particular condition or disease. People with medical conditions or dietary restrictions should follow the advice of their healthcare professionals.

Heart-Check Certified Recipes

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Look for the Heart-Check mark to find products in the grocery store that can help you make smarter choices about the foods you eat. 

Let our heart be your guide.