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Updated:Jan 17,2014

My Family Health TreeDid you know that just like the color of our eyes or how tall we are, other things like health conditions can be passed down genetically from one family member to another? It is important to know what health conditions and diseases are in our family history so that we can make healthy choices to help reduce our risk for getting those conditions ourselves.

Read these facts about family conditions and then fill out the My Family Health Tree to find out which conditions are in your family. Afterward, complete the My Healthy Habits Check List to decide which healthy habits you will do to help reduce your risk for getting those health conditions.
  • Having a blood relative with certain health conditions or diseases (like heart disease), can increase our risk for getting those conditions too.
  • Even though some diseases can be passed down to us, by making healthy food and lifestyle choices, we can decrease our chances of having some of these health conditions.
  • To learn about what health conditions and diseases are in your family, look at your family’s health history. Use this Family Tree diagram to make a map of all your blood relatives and their health history. This will help you to see which health conditions and diseases you may be at risk for. Talk to your parents and other family members about their health and yours.
  • The more we know about our own health history, the more we can do to reduce the chances of getting heart disease. After finishing your family tree, talk to your parents and family members about how knowing their health history can help them make healthy life choices. Talk to your doctor or school nurse about your health history during your next visit.
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