Daily Tips to Keep the Family Active

Updated:Jan 8,2018

Daily Tips to Keep the Whole Family Active


  1. The first Wednesday in April is the American Heart Association's celebration of National Walking Day! On this day, Americans are encouraged to lace up their sneakers and take 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk. How are you getting your 30 minutes in?
  2. Park a little farther from your destination and walk the difference to get in some more steps. See how much physical activity the AHA recommends for adults and kids.
  3. Limit screen time for the whole family, including TV and video games, to less than 2 hours a day.
  4. Walking is a great way to warm up before you work out and a great way to cool down after a vigorous workout.
  5. Dancing can be a great workout … in a ballroom, at a club or even in your living room. Try some of these other easy tips to get active.
  6. Flexibility exercise is one of the four types of exercise along with strength, balance and endurance. So be sure to stretch after every workout to help prevent injury or strain.
  7. Find time to get active together. You can walk, ride bikes or shoot some hoops with the kids before they start on their homework.
  8. Get more active at work by standing during calls and having walking meetings.
  9. Don’t get stuck in a workout rut. Try different activities and sports to stay motivated.
  10. Take the stairs. The elevator may go up — but it doesn’t make your heart rate climb. Learn what your target heart rate should be during your workout.
  11. Get busy when you travel for business and experience first-hand how physical activity improves the quality of life. See the sights by walking, jogging or bicycling.
  12. Join a fitness center near your job to make it easier to fit your workout into your day.
  13. You don't have to work out alone! Walk while you reconnect with family and friends by phone.
  14. Stuck at the airport? Walk while you wait. Look for designated walking paths.
  15. Drink up. The harder and longer you work out, the more water you need to stay hydrated.
  16. For an easy, healthy snack that'll help fuel your workout, try pre-cut fruits and veggies.
  17. No time for exercise? Tune into fitness during TV time. Walk or jog in place or use a treadmill while you watch.
  18. Make a healthy choice: Skip the cake, say goodbye to pie and take a walk after dinner instead.
  19. Wear a pedometer or fitness device to track how many steps you take each day.
  20. Plan ahead. Get your fitness clothes and gear ready before you go to bed.
  21. Keep a pair of walking shoes at work for a lunchtime stroll.
  22. Slow down and stress less. Try to pace instead of race.
  23. Walk while you work by using a treadmill desk, phone headset or dictation app.
  24. Get enough sleep. More physical activity may help you sleep better.
  25. Give up bad habits. Too much alcohol, nicotine or caffeine can increase stress.
  26. The buddy system can help you reach your fitness goals by adding accountability.
  27. Fuel up. Boost your energy for a good workout with a healthy snack.
  28. Take the dog for a walk. You’ll both benefit!
  29. Listening to music can help make exercise more fun so you’ll do it longer.
  30. To make physical activity a lifelong habit, choose activities you really like.

Last reviewed 3/2015.

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