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The American Heart Association depends on the time and talent of volunteers to help us create a healthier world, free of heart disease and stroke. Whatever your capabilities, interests or schedule may be, we can find a volunteer opportunity that's right for you.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Ready to volunteer? Take a look at these opportunities and make your selections. You may choose more than one.

Ready to help today? Here are quick ways to volunteer for the AHA that you can do right now.
Share your specialized knowledge and our resources to educate and promote healthy living.
Do good for others through school activities, team events and social media.
Share your personal story and support AHA programs to educate and inspire others.
Join us in leading the way to better heart health for women by teaming up with Go Red For Women or participating in key AHA initiatives.
Make your workplace healthier and make it easy for employees to support our mission, using our tools.

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From AHA Volunteers



"When women approach me after I share my story and tell me that it has made a difference for them in some way, it makes all that I went through worth it."



"I love being an advocate for other young women and educating others about heart disease. I also love being the smiling face that people meet at AHA events."